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Mini Refillable Sanitizer Bottle

Mini Refillable Sanitizer Bottle

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Stay protected on the move with our Mini Refillable Sanitizer Bottle. This compact 45ml spray bottle is your pocket-sized ally, ensuring cleanliness and freshness wherever you go.

Designed for convenience, this bottle is ideal for filling with antiseptic solutions, alcohol, or perfume, providing you with an extra layer of antibacterial defense on demand. Its mini size makes it perfect for travel, handbags, or even festivals, eliminating the need to carry bulky bottles.

Crafted from environmentally friendly PETG, ABS, and PP plastic, our sanitizing bottle is both durable and eco-conscious, ensuring it won't crack after repeated use. The tight seal prevents leaks and spills, so you can trust it to keep your sanitizer or perfume safe and secure.

Available in a range of vibrant colors including white, pink, cyan, blue, and yellow, our Mini Refillable Sanitizer Bottle combines practicality with style. Stay protected and refreshed wherever you go—grab yours today!





Product Description:
Product Name: Sub-Bottling
Material: PETG, ABS, PP
Applicable: Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol, Perfume
Length: Please see product picture
Capacity: 45ml
Color: White, Pink, Cyan, Blue, Yellow
Feature: Washable and refillable.
Can be used to dispense and store most liquids.
Mini design, very portable, perfect for travel, handbags, festivals
The vial is recyclable and not a drop of perfume is wasted 

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